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Want to join me for TRAINING CAMP  (online sessions) You will receive the most comprehensive, first class system that is both tried and true?

These TRAINING CAMPS will give you proven blueprint that outlines the system and process’ necessary for complete rehabbing from PLANNING to EXECUTION.

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3 Days-3 Hour-3 Topics

10 am-1 pm (Central)

July 20th-How to REHAB RENTALS



If you have ever rehabbed or are about to embark on rehabbing, then you know how complicated this can be. From contractors’ negotiations, to construction knowledge-it can be very overwhelming.

What keeps you up at night?

Contractors, money, scheduling conflicts, quality issues, permits, slow progress etc.

We know. We also understand because we lived it. We will solve all of this. You alone will begin to take control of your rehabs the moment you leave camp.


Who should attend?

All experience levels

All markets and regions

The Rehab Project Management Camp is for every investor level and every level of project manager. We teach all aspects of rehab construction. We show you how to prepare, run, manage and close out any rehab.




Here is the ACTIONABLE TRAINING we will work on Day 1


To CONTROL the cost and bids from day one. You will learn to CREATE and AWARD contracts.

To plan and review REHAB KPI’s and perform REHAB RISK analysis before demo day 1.

To perform the 4 STEP PROCESS during the PRODUCTION PHASE of construction.

To develop and follow the process of PROJECT MANAGEMENT during the CONSTRUCTION PHASE.

To UNDERSTANDCOMPREHEND and PREPARE construction documents correctly.

To develop your REHAB PRIORITY MANAGEMENT to manage the day to day of the projects.

To begin building the right REHAB BUSINESS MODEL so that you can increase volume.

To use CRM systems to STREAMLINE COMMUNICATIONS and CORRESPONDENCE from office to field.

To properly close out projects and paperwork in POST-CONSTRUCTION PHASE.


Insurance, licensing, contracts and lien waivers, design boards and job-site binders

Here are some VIDEOS of our past TRAINING CAMPS!

Make the DECISION now! It game time!

Read some of our written Training Camp TESTIMONIALS



We provide the map and direction to create the most solid process you have ever learned.

Listen to what the investors are saying after attending our camps!

Why do you continue to be taken advantage of? Why are your draws a mess? Why is progress not being made on YOUR REHAB?

We will deep dive your core competencies and build upon your weak areas. Its not about “learning something new” or “I don’t have time for this”. If that is the attitude-that is exactly the reason to attend.

How training camp works

If it a physical camp~

  • Over the 2 day (physical camp) you will be seated-in a U shaped set up.
  • You will have 2 networking opportunities each day to mix and mingle.
  • We host roughly 7-9 sessions during camp.
  • There is always a PowerPoint presentation. However, Rotty rarely uses it.
  • Be prepared to be engaged. Rotty will have you partner up in group exercises at some point.
  • You will receive a folder link to access materials
  • You will be asked-to bring your laptop

If camp is an online session~

  • You will receive access to our ZOOM link
  • You will be taught over 6-7 hours
  • we will have normal breaks
  • You will be supplied a full schedule ahead of time.
  • You will receive the recording within 48 hours of attending our online camp
  • Rotty will be using both web based, screen sharing and white board delivery


Free Access to our Rehab Project Management CRM

****All attendees will receive 1 month free access to our project management app. This app will allow you to get started taking your entire rehab division online. We will show you how virtual technology is the key to your success.

Here are your next steps

Step 1.

Sign up for camp now

Step 2.

You will receive an email from TRD within 48 hours of registration

Step 3.

Once your receive the follow up email, you can book your reservations. (online camps not necessary)

Step 4.

Come ready to have fun, be wowed and enjoy the ride. These are not seminars or presentations. This is real training.

*Refund policy*

We do not offer refunds if you cannot make the camp. In most cases, we have ordered food and venue in advance. Remember, our camps are an experience, not a sit and watch.

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